Kristen M. Potter

Chief Operating Officer


Prior to joining Palladium, Kristen worked for another registered investment advisor; beginning as an Account Administrator and growing into a management position. With a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah and a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University, she worked for many years in the Human Services arena before moving to Virginia in 1999. Kristen’s diverse professional history provides her a unique perspective in fulfilling the role of Chief Operating Officer. In addition to directing policy development, overseeing the implementation of firm objectives and managing all aspects of Human Resources, Kristen always keeps a focus on achieving Palladium’s dual mission: providing excellent investment management services to our clients and creating a work environment that encourages professional growth and personal development for our employees.



Kristen’s Contact Information:

contactwatermarkOffice: 757.305.1500
Direct: 757.305.1510
Toll Free: 866.495.6498
Fax: 757.305.1538


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