Through a series of preliminary discussions with a new client, the portfolio managers help establish the appropriate investment guidelines for the management of the account. The portfolio management process follows the road map created at the outset of the relationship with financial reviews. Clients receive quarterly reports of their investment accounts which include investment performance, an asset allocation summary, and an appraisal of holdings. An opinion editorial illustrating the firm’s perspective on current issues is provided quarterly.


• Economic and market research contribute to an asset allocation model used as the foundation for client investments. Multiple strategies are available to suit individual risk tolerances and preferences. Investment analysis is performed across a broad spectrum of investments: stocks, bonds, real estate, hedge funds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

• Intellectual property includes various proprietary research, asset allocation and investment selection models, as well as development and uses of technological solutions.

• Dedicated teams provide depth and prompt attention to client needs. Each client is assigned a primary and secondary Portfolio Manager in addition to a Customer Service Associate.

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