Fixed Income Strategies

Palladium employs a fixed-income strategy focused on high credit quality and preservation of capital. Bonds are purchased individually and are then held to maturity, thereby maximizing control and preserving principal. The average maturity of this diversified collection of bonds is determined by our outlook for interest rates and inflation as well as the current rates of interest available on short-term bonds (1-3 years), intermediate-term bonds (3-7 years), and longer-term bonds (7-12 years). Bonds with maturities longer than twelve years are rarely employed and typically those with a rating of single-A or better are considered. In addition to our own research, as well as that of the credit rating agencies, we utilize independent, third-party research to help identify both risks and value. The type of bond held depends on the effective tax rate of each account, and may include either government, corporate or municipal bonds.

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