Equity Investment Strategies

upwardschartOur equity selection process focuses on stocks that are high quality, diversified, and attractively valued according to our proprietary methodology. Implementation involves the purchase of individual stocks and/or the use of Exchange Traded Funds, with diversification addressed across sectors, both domestically and internationally. The result is a portfolio that is transparent and efficient with respect to tax and investment cost considerations.

Palladium’s proprietary method for security selection examines the potential return of a given company’s stock, along with the risks of underperformance and excessive volatility. Our disciplined process produces a portfolio of stocks with characteristics similar to the S&P 500 Index with respect to industry diversification and market capitalization, though often with superior underlying fundamentals. The application of this equity selection process is then tailored to each individual client based on their particular investment objectives, aversion to risk, and tax sensitivity.

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Equity Investment Strategies

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